The Scala 3

Compiler academy

Have you ever wanted to give back to the Scala community?
Were you ever curious about how modern compilers work?
If yes, the Scala 3 Compiler Academy is for you!

The Scala 3 compiler Academy


...empowers the community to build Scala 3 together. Delivered by the Scala Center, it brings the community two main projects.

The Scala 3


...where the work gets done. Every three weeks, the online event brings together passionate contributors for two hours to hack and learn together.

The YouTube


...where the authors of the compiler share their knowledge. Use these recorded talks to prepare yourself for the Compiler Spree.

While participating in the official Scala spaces, including the official Discord server and the Compiler Academy community, you are required to follow the Code of Conduct. Scala Center reserves the right to refuse your participation in the Compiler Academy at any point at its sole discretion.